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It’s a bass’ instincts you need to study (and use against him)if you want to be a local bass fishing legend.Today we’re going to go through a bunch of techniques that trigger certian instincts in a bass’ brain,to make him more likely to hit your baits and lures. Pay special attention to the “wounded fish” secret revealed below…

Try a variety of baits and locations during prefishing. GPS all of the spots that produced fish and note the cover/depth and weather conditions when/where you caught fish. If you are the non-boater, it is still your obligation to pre-fish if you have a boat. You need to help your partner as much as possible, and you never know as you may have better spots than your boating partner. Try prefishing with a partner. The partner does not have to be your boater/non boater, but the more lines in the water with various baits, the more likely you will find the successful pattern.

My set-up starts with an 8hp kicker motor and GPS for keeping the correct speed. I have found that speed is a factor and you need a way to regulate it as current and winds will effect that speed more than you think a GPS is the only accurate way to monitor your speed since it is not effected by those things. I have had Crappie bite best at 1.5mph all the way up to 2.2mph. You can use your salt water trolling whatis180 reviews to troll at these speeds I just prefer to run the kicker to save the expensive batteries.

However what would happen if the company that is sending you checks every month when out of business? For instance what if you were a ClickBank affiliate and ClickBank closed their doors tomorrow? This could be a misfortune to thousands of Internet marketers who rely on their products as their sole origin of income.

The Metolius River springs from the ground at the base of Black Butte and flows into Lake Billy Chinook. Lake Billy Chinook is technically a trolling motors reservoir as it is backed up my Round Butte Dam. The Metolius River, Crooked River and the Deschutes River all flow into the reservoir.

The salt water trolling motors spinner acts as a fish attractor and is usually highly polished or finished in a fluorescent paint. The hook-hair portion of the lure serves as the body, and they are dyed in dull colors that simulate natural food items. Some fishermen attach soft plastic body dressings to spinner baits which add color and incease the action of the lure.

Thus we have to keep various things in mind while selecting the treadmill that we want to buy. The Sole treadmills are known to have the best features and are trusted by most commercial establishments.

Flexible designs such as Whitecap 360/180 adjustable or CE Smith two-way clamp-on allow significantly more options on trolling angles and mounting locations. On the other hand, the flush mount gunwale units are out of the way, unobtrusive, extremely strong and can serve as a means of transporting rods during the run to the fishing site. Bulkhead rod holders are a semi-permanent type which are fixed to a specific spot on the boat. When choosing this style give considerable thought to the location prior to mounting.

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