Google Plus: Are You Ready For It

The Nokia 7230 is a slider mobile phone with loads of features up its sleeve. The compact, light-weight and handy model has a beautiful design that is both stylish as well as user-friendly. The slide makes the phone truly compact, and the keypad on the slide comes as a neat, flat and perfectly comfortable one. The interface on the 2.4 inch TFT with 256K color-support is surely a very interactive and trendy one too. Physically, the Nokia 7230 charms you!

Internet fax is very easy to do, just attach a TIF, PDF, or JPG file to an email and hit send. It is also a lot cleaner, no more messy inks or paper jams. It truly is faxing simplified.

Twitter. Apple has further integrated Twitter in iOS 5. Twitter login credentials will be entered in Settings, and will be used for any iOS 5 app. It’s even integrated with Camera and Photos, so now you can take a picture, then tap an action button and Tweet. It’s even integrated with contacts, meaning that you update your contact photos with Twitter images, and even add a contact’s @username.

The Nokia 7230 surprises you with its multimedia capabilities. Armed with a 3.2 MP camera, the phone truly gives one an impressive way to capture high-quality images and videos. The camera can be used effectively to capture your favorite moments and events easily. Besides this, you can also upload your images instantly through the built-in Flickr and Ovi Upload feature. A powerful media player also comes up for entertainment value. The media player plays almost all popular formats like MP4, Mp3, WMA, WAV, WMV, AAC etc. What adds to all this media features is a stereo FM Radio with RDS for Snapchat online non-stop entertainment.

Chrome browser is the fastest browser. And it is in the phones. Only you need to download Chrome browser can you fast read the unread web pages on your computer. Let it be your good assistant at your work and at your leisure.

The idea behind Celebrities Snaps is being able to share photos with friends and family. More than that, though, the most important feature is being able to specify how long each photo is viewable by the recipient(s), up to ten seconds. In other words, you send images that expire, along with optional captions.

Focus 2 is being offered in white and silver trim. It is constructed with hard-molded plastic with very smooth finish. The final coating of the device is glossy and it has this silky touch once you start to feel the texture of the phone. From a dimension of 4.7 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and thickness of 0.5 inch, this phone should forget the idea of vying for the slimmest phone. With the kind of dimension, it is not lightweight at 4.3 ounces.

Lastly you’ll want to check out some reviews and see finished products in action. It’s easy for a company to boast about itself, but you need to see their portfolio and test out the apps they’ve created. Are they well designed? Do they seem glitchy? Do they have a lot of positive reviews from customers?

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